Data Web Clients

Example Data Web Clients Created by Koneksys

  • Clients of OSLC adapters (Simulink, MagicDraw SysML, AMESim, )
  • Bidirectional transformation client between Simulink and MagicDraw SysML
  • Bidirectional transformation client between IBM DNG and OpenMBEE
  • Synchronization clients between OSLC adapters and RDF stores

Transformation & Sync Client: Simulink ⇔ SysML

Data web servers
  • Derive model from other model
  • Bidirectional model transformation between SysML and Simulink

Simulink ⇔ SysML Syncing Example

Data web servers
Correspondence between Simulink Parameter and SysML Value Property

Transformation Client: IBM DNG ⇔ SysML

Data web servers
  • Sync requirements between tools
  • Bidirectional model transformation between IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation and OpenMBEE
  • Synced requirement relationships between SysML, OpenMBEE and DNG
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