What we do


We provide software solutions and consulting based on state-of-the-art non-proprietary web technologies for data traceability, data integration, and data interoperability.

Why we do it

Causes of Complexity

in System Design

  • Multiple engineering disciplines
  • Multitude of engineering models
  • Multitude of stakeholders
  • Multitude of subject matter experts
  • Everything is connected
  • Continuous change

Managing Complexity


Data Traceability

  • Verifiability: Checking if a requirement is satisfied by a system feature
  • Early identification of design errors
  • Identification of gold-plated solutions: Finding unnecessary system features
  • Impact analysis: identifying artifacts which must be updated if a requirement changes
  • Reuse: reusing requirements and related artifacts in other projects.
  • Context-based reasoning: identifying causes and effects of system failures
  • Decision-making: identifying better engineering solutions based on information context

Increased Productivity Through Automated Data Exchange Workflows

  • Automatic data consistency: Change to engineering parameter triggers automatic update of related parameters
  • Automatic notification: Change to engineering information triggers automatic notification by email
  • Automatic trade-off studies through design exploration
  • Automatic model transformation: generating a model based on another


OSLC Adapters for Applications


OSLC Training

Full-text search of OSLC Data

Data Analytics with SPARQL


OSLC-based Data Synchronization

OSLC Data Visualization

OSLC Link Editor

Storage of OSLC Data in RDF Triplestores

Definition of domain-specific OSLC Specifications

SysML-based Integration Solutions

Plugins for SysML Modeling Applications

Translation of SysML models into simulation models

Open-source Solutions


Koneksys is a software consulting company, owned by Dr. Axel Reichwein, developing the next generation of engineering data integration solutions by:

  • using open data standards (OSLC)
  • using next-generation web technologies (Linked Data)
  • performing research to develop ground-breaking data exchange standard for finite element models (Research for US Government)
  • contributing to standardization efforts (SysML v2)
  • using powerful software developement frameworks
  • developing user-friendly web applications for data management
  • using and developing open-source solutions
  • using graph databases
  • understanding the complexity in designing complex systems
  • being very familiar with software applications used in mechanical/software/electrical engineering
  • being very familiar with existing (limited) data integrations solutions
  • working with passionate and amazing people


Koneksys clients: NASA, John Deere, Ford, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Modelon, Georgia Institute of Technology, Delligatti Associates, Stottler Henke Associates.

Dr. Axel Reichwein, CEO

  • Developer of  multiple data integration solutions based on Open Service for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC)
  • Developer of  multiple data integration solutions based on the Systems Modeling Language (SysML)
  • Active contributor to leading standardization and systems engineering organizations (Co-chair of the OMG OSLC4MBSE working group + Chair of the INCOSE Tool Integration & Interoperability working group)
  • Multidisciplinary engineering background focusing on multidisciplinary data integration (PhD in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Stuttgart + Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Georgia Institute of Technology)




Main Office

Axel Reichwein

1390 Market St, Suite 1806, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA

Phone: +1 404-590-9211


European Office


Jerome Szarazi

Shakespeare Business Centre, 241 Coldharbour Ln, Brixton, London SW9 8RR

Phone: +44 7736 732512


Asian Office

Vorachet Jaroensawas

199/293 Sansiri Village, Banmai, Pathumthani 12000, Thailand

Phone: +66-8-7332-9905

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We provide software solutions and consulting based on state-of-the-art non-proprietary web technologies for data traceability, data integration, and data interoperability.

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