Next Generation Data Integration Solutions

Centralized vs Distributed Data Integration

Take advantage of the private/public Web to connect data in a distributed way without scalability problems.

Proprietary vs Open Data Integration

Use open widely adopted W3C Web standards to connect data such as URL, HTTP, and RDF to develop data integration solutions without vendor lock-in.

Custom vs Discoverable REST APIs

Hypermedia REST API standards such as Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) to host data on the Web for smarter general-purpose clients.

Limited vs Limitless Links between Data

Resource Description Framework (RDF) to seamlessly link any data on the private/public Web.

Relational vs Graph Data Model

Take advantage of graph databases to easily describe ad-hoc relationships without being locked into a specific data model.

Coupled vs Uncoupled Application Logic & Data

Use private/public Web of data as your new global data repository and develop data management solutions for it.

Get ready for a new generation of data management solutions!

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