Streaming OSLC Fest 2020

OSLC Fest 2020 In 2020 the OSLC Project Governing Board decided to hold another OSLC Fest. Stockholm 2018 was the time and place for the first edition. This year, unexpected circumstances forced the event to take place virtually. With a virtual event came new challenges. Here we illustrate some of what we faced running this year’s event. Challenge #1: So, how to stream? Luckily, with the surge in streaming, there are countless tutorials to get started. Continue Reading

Presentation of OSLC at Purdue PLM Meeting 2018

I attended for the first time the Purdue PLM meeting and it was full of interesting content! Approximately 60 persons attended the conference focused this year on PLM-ALM integration. The event was organized by Prof. Nathan Hartman who was key in helping create a friendly atmosphere encouraging dialog among participants. Presentations and video recordings can be found on the PLM meeting web page. I had the opportunity to present Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) and explain how it could serve as the backbone to achieve PLM-ALM integration using open Web standards. Continue Reading

INCOSE International Workshop 2018

I attended the INCOSE International Workshop 2018 to present Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) and to engage with leaders in the systems engineering community. I had the opportunity to present OSLC on 3 different days in these 3 different sessions: Tool Integration and Model Management Working Group Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Initiative & Systems Engineering (SE) Transformation Systems Modeling and Simulation Working Group I was very glad to see strong interest in the systems engineering community for OSLC, a key technology to achieve the Digital thread. Continue Reading

PLM Roadmap and PLM Europe 2017

Last week Koneksys was present at PDT Europe 2017 in Gothenburg in Sweden. The purpose was for me to talk about the Data Web, the OSLC Community, and of course to learn the latest industry trends from PLM experts. The two day event, organized by Eurostep, was preceded by the one day PLM Roadmap organized by CIMData. As summed up on the PLM Roadmap page, it was “3 days of presentations, 2 unique events, 1 ticket”! Continue Reading

What Is The Data Web

A new generation of data management solutions Data is generally saved in many different databases. Data analysis is more valuable if applied to all data, not just data from a single source. In addition, data analysis can generate more interesting results if it takes into account logical links existing between data from various sources. For example, data from a petroleum deposit stored in database A can be linked to predictions saved in database B and linked to real-time measurements of oil extraction saved in database C. Continue Reading

Linked Data Takes Care of Your Health

I survived HL7 v3. Don’t go to version 3, go to HL7 FHIR! I was the manager of an HL7 project in Mexico. We developed HL7 v3 adapters for Electronic Health Records (EHR) during which we received continuous feedback on our solutions from the authors of the HL7 v3 implementation guide for Mexico. Image credits: Here are the problems my team and I stumbled on with HL7 v3: Continue Reading

Blockchain Challenges And Triumphs

Starting with blockchain can be difficult because there are a lot of frameworks/clients for the different cryptocurrencies, and misleading information in various posts I read when I was trying to create my private chain. For example, the commands being used were outdated. Getting to know Blockchain and its benefits is very useful, mastering the topic and languages is challenging, but who doesn’t like a good challenge? When I first started to look at Blockchain I got hooked. Continue Reading

Make data connected again!

Living in a highly connected world ~ a large amount of related data is created on a daily basis. Although these relationships allow us to have valuable insights into how various data points (actions, people etc.) are associated with each other, affect each other, or may influence each other in the future, they often get lost once the data is stored in common relational tables or other general NoSQL data stores. Continue Reading

Presentation to Modelica/FMI Community on Next Web for Connecting Engineering Data

I had already presented the Next Web at software and systems engineering conferences and this time I talked about the Next Web at the North America Modelica Users Group (NAMUG) 2017 conference located in Stanford. The Modelica/FMI community is focused on performing simulation with open standards. It attracts amongst others engineers working on motorsports, nuclear power plants, and building simulation. I chose to refer to the “Next Web” in the title. Continue Reading

Koneksys attending Graph Day SF 2017

The Koneksys Graph Day Team Welcome to the Koneksys Blog! For our first post, we are announcing the presence of Koneksys at Graph Day 2017 in San Francisco. There you will be able to meet our CEO Axel Reichwein, Senior Developer Victor de Gyves, and Researcher Dennis Grinwald. If you are there, please do come and say hello. We want to talk to as many people as possible to find out all the great things happening in the graph world, and we’d be happy to tell you what we do at Koneksys. Continue Reading