Design Process Automation

Design Cockpit 43TM

Dr. Axel Reichwein, founder of Koneksys, developed during his PhD research at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Stuttgart, Germany, a holistic product data model based on UML. This research has been incorporated by the German high-tech company IILS mbH in a formal design language development framework, called “Design Cockpit 43” which supports design process automation.

Information Architecture of Design Cockpit 43 Information Architecture of Design Cockpit 43TM (short: DC43TM)

Koneksys is proud to demonstrate to interested customers the principle of design languages and offer consulting and license management services for the “Design Cockpit 43”. Please contact us directly for terms and conditions. Further information on design languages can be downloaded in form of a white paper entitled “Total Engineering Automation” here.

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