Model-Based Systems Engineering


  • Former Chair of Object Management Group specification for SysML-Modelica transformation
  • Developed various SysML-Modelica transformation implementations
  • SysML (Eclipse XMI) <-> Modelica in QVT
  • SysML (MagicDraw) <-> Modelica in Java
  • SysML (Papyrus) <-> Modelica in Java

SysML Consulting

  • System Architecture Modeling
  • Supporting Parametric Trade-Off Studies
  • Supporting Topological Trade-Off Studies
  • Visualizing and Automating Trade-Off Studies (executable activity diagrams)
  • Translation of a system architecture model into simulation models (CAD, FEA, multibody-system models, controller models, etc.)
  • Supporting SysML interoperability

OCL constraints in SysML Models

  • First Order Predicate Logic (Quantifiers, Predicates, Functions, Constants, Variables)
  • Constraints defined in Object Constraint Language (OCL)
  • Applied OCL constraints against SysML models using Eclipse OCL
OSCL constraints in SysML Models

SysML Consulting

  • Add graph query capability for SysML
  • Perform SPARQL Queries on SysML data
  • Use regular expressions
  • Perform mathematical operations (SUM, COUNT, etc..)
SysML Consulting

Web-Based SysML Editor

Web-Based SysML Editor
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