Data Integration

What is Data Integration?

Data integration is a succession of technical processes where your data is collected, merged, and finally delivered as useful insights into your business. The main questions that we solve are: in what format does the data need to be? In which database will the merged data be stored? How can the merged data be accessed and queried? Is the solution secure and does it meet performance expectations?

How can you benefit from it?

We live in a world with increasing data, with more and more databases, and more and more services publishing data. Data integration allows users to gain new insights from data originally saved in different sources. It helps users view data from a holistic perspective and make better decisions. It’s only through smart and efficient integration that we can fully benefit from this data explosion.

While proprietary data integration solutions sometimes provide unique benefits, they are not necessary for all your data integration scenarios. In many scenarios, you can use open standards and existing open source solutions to realize cost-effective and powerful data integration solutions. Get the most for your buck using open data standards and open source technologies.

Why Koneksys?

We are specialized in creating data integration solutions using the latest standards and open source technologies. We focus on using Linked Data World Wide Web (W3C) standards which are aligned with the latest developments in the web community.

We have developed several integration solutions for large engineering organizations in order to support data traceability and data consistency across different engineering disciplines and engineering models. The better the data is integrated, the easier it is to perform impact analysis, to conduct change management, to achieve product certification, and to support cross-disciplinary collaboration.